August 6th Singer Songwriter Showcase

July 25th, 2018

Join us Monday August 6th for another round of top Singer Songwriters. The evening will feature –

Alice Limoges
Originally from the coast of Maine, Alice Limoges is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been performing across NYC and the Northeast since 2012. She is inspired my poetry, the ocean, and mountains. She’s released 3 albums since she was 16 which can be found just about everywhere.
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Sofia D’Angelo is a 19 year old singer, songwriter, and producer from NYC. Taking inspiration from her life and her favorite artists — David Bowie, Prince, The Beatles, The 1975, and Lady Gaga, to name a few — Sofia hopes to connect with people through her music, preserving the nostalgia and beauty of love and youth with every song she creates. She will be starting as a Sophomore at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU in the fall.
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Nils Becker – Born and raised in Germany, singer-songwriter Nils Becker moved to America to take part in the music scene that influenced him the most. He had to be here to truly capture American culture in song and make the music he had always wanted to create.
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Mary and Brianna are 21 year old twins from New City, NY. They have been writing and recording since they were 12. They live in Nashville throughout most of the year to pursue careers as singer/songwriters.
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Henrykleinmusic – “Henry is a country music artist and good ‘ole boy from Miami Florida.”

Surya Garg – Coming Soon